The Reading Room

Salt Lake County Archives reading room

The Archives is located in the Salt Lake County Records Center, which is a very large 18,396 square foot building.  However, the reading room (the room where the public can come in and look at historical records) is not very big.  This is part of the reason why we ask  the public to call ahead to set up an appointment.  Actually, we have several reasons:

First, we have a very small Archives staff available to help you.  Second, we don’t want you to drive all the way out to our location in West Valley to find that we don’t have the record(s) that you are looking for.  Third, we have a small reading room that cannot accomodate large groups, and fourth, we want you to have the benefit of the archivist’s full attention to guide you through some of the trickier records.

That said, we always receive compliments on the beauty of our furnishings and the orginal artwork from Salt Lake County’s art collection.  

Salt Lake County Archives reading room

Detail from furnishings in reading room


Detail of furnishings

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