Archives Receives Donation

Recently, a member of the public contacted the Archives to say that he had rediscovered a  record in his possession and wanted to donate it.  The record is an Abstract of Title for a Salt Lake County property that he used to own over 25 years ago.   The property contains a house that has been known as the “Nibley Castle” (due to its close proximity to Nibley Park, and the castle-like round tower connected to the house).  This record traveled with him as he moved around the world, and he recently found it while looking through possessions at his current residence in Texas. 

An Abstract of Title is a brief history of the ownership of a piece of property going back to the original grant, including any liens against the property.   This record is created to prepare a policy of title insurance for that piece of real estate.   

One page from donated record

The donated Abstract of Title tracks the ownership of property from the original land patent  in 1874 and continues up to 1965. 

The Archives is delighted to receive this piece of County history.  We gratefully acknowledge the donor that recognized the importance of this historical record, and his willingness to find a permanent home for it.  

The record consists of a packet of pages

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