Land Title Certificates

The Land Title Certificates series is one of our most popular collections. The series contains thousands of records of land ownership in Salt Lake County from 1851 to 1895, with the bulk being in 1871-1873. These land title certificates reconciled territorial and federal land distribution policies, and ensured that Utah settlers were recognized by the federal government as the legal owners of their land.

Below is an example of a land title certificate for Hiram B. Clawson.  (Click on image to see a magnified view).

Land Title Certificate for Hiram B. Clawson

This certificate contains the owner’s name, the legal description, and the signature of the probate clerk. The seal of Salt Lake County is also affixed to the document, although it is not visible in this scan.

You can search for personal names using the Land Title Certificate series indexes, found on the Salt Lake County Archives website.   

More information on early land distribution in the Utah Territory can be found on the Utah History Research Center website. 

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