Lost Houses: The Alamo Place

The Alamo Place was an apartment complex built in 1901, and was located at 259 West North Temple.  Records do not document exactly when the buildings were demolished. 

All of the following photographs were taken in 1936, and are from a collection housed at the Archives.  Click on each image to reveal many more details in the pictures, including neighborhood children and a woman peeking out of her doorway.

 Curious about what is on the property now

 Source: Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Photographs, serial numbers (top to bottom): 1-2951-3; 1-2951-6; 1-2951-5; 1-2951-4.

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2 Responses to Lost Houses: The Alamo Place

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Thanks for the comment, Nelson! We do not currently have an RSS feed, but stay tuned.

  2. Great shots! I work at State History and have a fondness for Capitol Hill, so this was a great post to run across. Do you have an rss feed so I can keep track of new entries?

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