Altered But Not Lost: “I” Street

202 "I" Street, circa 1936

Instead of highlighting a Lost House during this week, the tenth anniversary of 9/11 where so much was lost, I thought that showing a survivor would be more appropriate. 

This house was built circa 1903 (according to the original 1936 Tax Appraisal record that the Archives maintains), and is approximately 33 years old in the above photograph (taken circa 1936).   

The photograph below shows the house circa 1960s. 

202 "I" Street, circa 1960s

This house still exists and you can see how it looks at 108 years old:

Card listing some previous owners of 202 "I" Street

 The two photographs and the card listing some owners of the property are representative of some of the records found in a Tax Appraisal Card packet that the Archives maintains for residential and commercial properties in Salt Lake County.   

Photograph and owners’ card from Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Cards, serial 04-0901. 

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