Salt Lake County’s Planetarium

Salt Lake County’s Hansen Planetarium opened on November 26, 1965 as the “Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hansen Planetarium, Space Science Library and Museum.”   The Planetarium not only taught physics and astronomy but also helped us to follow the country’s space program, including the space race, the landings on the moon, and other NASA events. 

In 2004, the Hansen Planetarium moved to a new building on 110 South 400 West, and entered a new era as the Clark Planetarium.  

Children at Hansen Planetarium, circa 1969

The Hansen Planetarium Historical Records collection is housed at the Salt Lake County Archives.   The collection contains the history of the Planetarium from its start up through 2001, and also includes the history of NASA starting  in 1955.   Anyone interested can view administrative records, photographs, minutes of meetings,  and research Planetarium and NASA history in the large newspaper and magazine collection (which is indexed by subject). 

Clark Planetarium recently wrote an article on this collection and included it in their e-newsletter!  Read it here.


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