The Heart of City Creek, Part I

The new City Creek Center opened on March 22, 2012, drawing an estimated 50,000 shoppers in the first day.  This shopping center covers two blocks in the center of Salt Lake City, extending from West Temple to State Street (west to east) and from South Temple to 100 South (north to south).  Running directly through the middle (or “heart”) of this mall complex is Main Street, with a newly built pedestrian bridge suspended over Main so shoppers can access both blocks without going outside.  This area has a history of residential and commercial action going back to 1847.

Main Street, as it appeared in August of 1940, is shown in the following photographs taken by the Salt Lake County tax appraisers.  You will notice the decorations for the “Days of  ’47” or Pioneer Day celebrations, with art depicting pioneer scenes on the buildings and flags draped across the street.  This celebration marks July 24, 1847, the day that the first LDS pioneers (including Brigham Young) entered the Salt Lake valley.

The east side of Main Street, August 1940.  Click on images to enlarge.

33 South - 43 South Main Street

53 South Main Street

55 South Main Street

61 South - 65 South Main Street: "Whipple's: Fashion At A Price"

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2 Responses to The Heart of City Creek, Part I

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Thanks for the comment and question, Gina. The Assessor’s office now uses oblique aerial photography to capture images of buildings for assessment purposes. We are working with them to develop a strategy for preservation and access.

  2. Gina Strack says:

    I enjoy the historical tax assessment photographs very much. Are they still created today as part of the assessment process?

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