Remember Alamo Place?

Last year on this blog we highlighted a neighborhood called Alamo Place.  It was made up of a series of apartment buildings built in 1901, and was located at 259 West North Temple.

The photographs of Alamo Place show the neighborhood as it appeared in 1936.  You can also see the residents (including children) in the photos.  Many of the residents now have a name, thanks to the newly released 1940 census!

Alamo Place, 1940 Federal census, ED 30-110, page 1.

If you click to enlarge the above image, you can see “Alamo Place” noted on the side, and the even numbered households enumerated on this image (if you want to see the rest of the neighborhood, just go here and go to page 2).

Perhaps Marjorie (age 13), Clifton (age 11), and Elaine (age 9) Anderson, children of Ira and Irene  Anderson of number 6 Alamo Place, were some of the children in this photograph:

Alamo Place, house numbers 2 through 10, circa 1936. Tax Appraisal Photographs.

The entry for the Anderson household in the 1940 census indicates that the family did live at the same address in 1935, which means that they were there when this photo was taken.

The 1940 census can provide information about your ancestors’ households that could lead to additional records held by the Archives, such as the Tax Appraisal Photographs (shown above), tax ledgers, and birth and death records.

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