Sugar House History: Nu Crisp Popcorn

Nu Crisp Popcorn next to the Marlo Theater, 1025 East 2100 South, circa 1936.  Appraisal Card Photographs, serial 6-318.

Recently a historian from the Sugar House Historical Society visited our Archives to do research on a variety of Sugar House buildings, past and present.  She included some of her research in a story about a well known business in the community called Nu Crisp Popcorn.  The story appears in the Sugar House Community Council newsletter for May 2012, and you can read it here and see more historical photos from the Archives!

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3 Responses to Sugar House History: Nu Crisp Popcorn

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Apologies for the broken link. Here is another article about Nu-Crisp Popcorn:

  2. Terrie McComb says:

    This is my Aunts popcorn business and my uncle Milt. Please contact me. I would love to see this story and the link is not working.

  3. Patricia (Pat) Atkinson says:

    Is there no one out there that knows the secret of this popcorn and is willing to provide it to we faithful customers? I’ve been looking for this for years and am now living in Orem, UT. Please contact me if there is ever going to be a chance to buy any more of this product..

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