Murray City History

3 West 4800 South, Murray. Photo circa 1938. Tax Appraisal Photographs, serial 21-711.

This blog has shown many images of residential and commercial buildings from our Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs collection.  It is time for a word about the wide variety of users that rely upon these records for a myriad of purposes.  Environmental assessment companies, architectural historians, law firms, genealogists, and archaeologists all use this collection for legal, administrative, and historical purposes.

Recently, the Murray Cultural Programs Manager and Murray City Museum staff have been visiting the Salt Lake County Archives.  They are researching residential and commercial buildings in Murray City’s historic district to create a historic registry online, part of a grant that they received from Utah State History.  Murray City is documenting their two historical districts that are on the National Register of Historic Places.  A current photograph taken by their staff, a historical photograph (many from the Salt Lake County Archives Tax Appraisal Photographs series), and documentation regarding the year built and former owners of buildings are available on the Murray City Library’s website.  Entries are continually being added to the registry.  Additional historical photographs related to Murray City, and the city’s newspaper, can also be accessed through this website.

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