Waterfront property

In 1890, proposals were made for communities to be built at the edge of the Great Salt Lake.  Two subdivision plats were recorded for “Saltair Beach” and “Crescent Beach,” communities which ultimately only existed on paper.

Saltair Beach subdivision plat, recorded 1890.

The subdivision of Saltair Beach, surveyed in 1890, was to be laid out along the edge of the Great Salt Lake, and was complete with street names such as “Sea View Avenue” and “Oceanic Avenue.”  Wrapped around the community was the Saltair and Salt Lake City Railroad.  This railroad did actually exist (under different names), opening in 1893 and running from Salt Lake City to the Great Salt Lake.  It carried loads of citizens to the many recreational opportunities at the beach (more to come regarding this railroad).  The Saltair resort, known as the Coney Island of the West, was also opened in 1893.  Matthew White, proprietor of the Saltair Beach subdivision, clearly tried to position himself in 1890 to take advantage of the upcoming recreational and transportation opportunities at the lake.

Crescent Beach subdivision plat, recorded 1890.

Another subdivision called Crescent Beach was also surveyed in 1890.  It centered around several parks and a planned Utah Nevada Railroad depot located on High Street.

Source: Salt Lake County Plat Map Books, 1857-1890s, series RC-374.

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