Maps of Salt Lake County

A great resource for anyone interested in Salt Lake County history is a record series entitled “Maps of Salt Lake County, Utah” (series RM-020).  This collection contains maps of existing and proposed roads, election district maps, town site maps, maps related to Brigham Young, and others.  The maps cover a wide range of years, from 1854-1972.

One set of 12 maps in this collection dates from August of 1908.  They were compiled from actual surveys conducted by the Salt Lake County Surveyor, Recorder, and Water Commissioner, the U.S. Forest Service, and from private surveys by railroad, power, mining, and real estate companies.  The maps show the location of roads, highways, railroads, state lands, and property owners (which would be of particular interest to genealogists and neighborhood historians) as they existed in 1908.

 A few examples of the maps are shown below.  (Click on images to enlarge).

Herriman and surrounding area. Maps of Salt Lake County, 1908.

Draper and Crescent, including surrounding area. Maps of Salt Lake County, 1908.

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3 Responses to Maps of Salt Lake County

  1. Kourtney Fitzgerald says:

    Thank you for posting the Herriman and Draper maps! Our family has been in this area for generations, it is soooo interesting to see these and have them available online! 🙂

  2. slcoarchives says:

    Liz, The maps are only available onsite. You are welcome to call the Archives (385-468-0820) or email ( if you are looking for something specific and would like us to see if it is in the collection. You can also visit us if you would like to browse the collection. Thank you for the question.

  3. Liz Snow says:

    Are these maps available only onsite at the archive or are they online?

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