Architectural Split Personalities

This combined residential and commercial building is located at 246 North 600 West (formerly known as 500 West).

It started life in 1876 as an adobe house.  In 1904, a single story brick addition was built on to the front of the house and operated as a store for many years, while the back remained a private residence.   Later, a 3 room apartment was added to the second floor of the store.  In 1936, the owner was Esther C. Haslam, and her property also contained a barn and a chicken coop.

246 North 600 West, photograph circa 1936.

Back of Tax Appraisal Card showing the combined house and store, 1936.

Sometime after 1964, the building entered a new life as the Leo Montoya boxing club.  Mr. Montoya also owned a duplex located next door to the club.  This boxing club exists today as a registered “Utah USA Boxing Club,” and still inhabits the same building, which is now over 108 years old.

246 North 600 West, photograph circa 1970s.


Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs, 08-36-305-005; 1-3275. 

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