Lost House (and grocery)

780 North 200 West, 1936. Tax Appraisal Photograph, serial 1-4015.

This building was constructed circa 1895, and was operated as a store with six additional rooms above.  This photograph was taken by the Salt Lake County tax assessors on November 3, 1936.  The owner at that time was Arthur W. Frewin.

The building was demolished in 1955.

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2 Responses to Lost House (and grocery)

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Thank you for your comment and for sharing your family’s history. “Lost House” simply means that the building no longer exists. The tax appraisal cards for your grandfather’s store at 780 North 200 (now 300) West, tax serial 1-4015, indicate that the building was “removed by November 1955.” An apartment complex appears to have been built in its place in 1964.

  2. Gee, i did not know it was lost and i am not sure what you mean. that was my grandfathers store. i did not know him because he did at a fairly young age, but from what my dad told me he was a fair, independent, and hard working man. i only wish i could have had some memories of him. i knew my grandmother until she was hit by a car walked everywhere. she knew back then that exercise was the key to health and even though i was some where between 5 and 7 i still remember her well. a great lady! my great grandfather owned another store on north temple and 800 west. by the way 200 west back then is what 300 west is today. the store was about 800 north and 300 west right close to the old warm spring feed pool, i think it was called wasatch springs, that turned into the children’s museum, which is next to the park there. i am not sure of the parks name. the bad thing about getting old is you become history.

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