Women’s History Month Highlight: Salt Lake County School of Nursing

“For the young nurse with an urge to see the world,                                  positions are opening up in foreign lands.”
Salt Lake County School of Nursing Informational Booklet, 1948

Note: March is Women’s History Month, and this blog will be exhibiting various aspects of women’s history through the records of Salt Lake County government.  Our first entry focuses on the County Nursing School.

Salt Lake County organized its School of Nursing in 1914, just two years after the second “County Infirmary Hospital” was dedicated.  It was a fully accredited program and was affiliated with the University of Utah.  The school was officially part of the County Hospital complex, which was formerly located at 2001 South State Street (where the current Salt Lake County Government Center now stands).

Nurse's Home, circa 1948.

Circa 1948.

The School of Nursing graduating class of 1947 consisted of 31 students, with the presentation of the hospital pins by their Director, Luella Hyatt, R.N.

Salt Lake County School of Nursing 1947 Commencement.

Salt Lake County School of Nursing 1947 Commencement Program.

Just prior to this graduation in 1947, the Utah State Nurse’s Association issued a memo addressing employment conditions for nurses in Utah.  They urged medical institutions in Utah to adopt specific standards designed to improve nurses’ careers.  They hoped to entice the graduating class of 1947 to obtain jobs in Utah, rather than leave the state for potentially more lucrative positions.

letter page one001

letter page two002

The Salt Lake County Nursing School produced an informational booklet for prospective students in 1948 that outlined the program of study and requirements of every student:

School of Nursing p7 program of study cropped

School of Nursing p11 cropped

School of Nursing p6 cropped photo

Final thoughts on the rigorous qualifications that the County Nursing School required:

School of Nursing p7 qualifications cropped


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2 Responses to Women’s History Month Highlight: Salt Lake County School of Nursing

  1. slcoarchives says:

    I am so glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your connection to this piece of County history, and thanks for reading the blog.

  2. Beth says:

    I was a nurses aide at the extended care facility located at that same site in the 70’s. The nursing school had by then, been moved to the University of Utah, but the same building was at that site and housed several county offices. In fact, that was the same building where I interviewed for that nurses aide job. Thanks for sharing this walk down memory lane.

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