Salt Lake County Recorder

One last Women’s History Month Highlight (yes, even though it is now April) disguised as one of our regular blog entries:

Did you know that the elected position of Salt Lake County Recorder was held by women for 80 years? The first woman took office in 1921 (at least she had her own bathroom at this point), and nine more women followed from 1927 – 2000.   

Lillian Cutler                         1921-1926

Aurora H. Hiatt Duncan          1927-1931

Helen F. Reiser                      1932-1934

Jessie Evans Smith                 1935-1938

Cornelia S. Lund                     1939-1946

Hazel Taggart Chase               1947-1958

Nellie M. Jack                         1959-1962   

Hazel Taggart Chase                1963-1970   

Jerdean Prichett Martin             1971-1974

Katie L. Dixon                          1975-1994

Nancy Workman                       1995-2000

For a complete listing of Salt Lake County Recorders, from 1852 – present.



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