Lost House: Tin Shop

The history of this building is documented in this photograph taken in 1934.  Originally built in 1904 as a tin shop, it was later turned in to a residence.

41 East Burton Avenue, circa 1936.

41 East Burton Avenue, 1934.

There are so many things going on in this image.  Look carefully.  You can see the County tax appraiser and (presumably) the owner both standing in front of the residence, the owner answering questions that were documented on the tax appraisal card that still exists at the Archives.  The work that the tin shop specialized in while it was in operation is still detailed on the front of the building. Tools that the owner used for his small farm are in view, and there is also a horseshoe tacked up over the barn door.

Do you see a chicken in this photograph?

Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Card and Photograph, parcel 16-19-153-008; serial 14-1654.

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One Response to Lost House: Tin Shop

  1. scorpys vzyl says:

    OH MY , OH My, i believe that is my deceased aunt’s grand father. I lived in the white House to the west of it. By the time i lived there only the Tin Shop was left 1961-62. Yes, i worked with Terry Ellis (?) too. Have a Great Day, Thanks much, Scorpy

    Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 20:47:53 +0000 To: dar.vzyl32@hotmail.com

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