502 – 512 South State Street

1-1386a cropped

The Quality Produce Company and the Scott Tire Company used to be located at 508-512 South State Street in Salt Lake City.  The store fronts and the houses directly behind were all built circa 1890.  Business appeared to be thriving when the above photograph was taken on March 22, 1936 by the Salt Lake County tax assessors.

Although the 2 stores and the residences have been gone for almost 70 years, the tall two story building to the right of the tire company still survives.  Located at 502 South State Street, it was built around 1895 and currently houses the florist shop called The Flower Patch.

The image below is of the residence directly behind the Scott Tire Company (you can see the roof and part of the second story in the above image).  This photograph was taken on November 17, 1942, two years before it was torn down.

1-1386b cropped

The house below was behind the Quality Produce Company.  The photograph was also taken on November 17, 1942, and it was torn down in 1944.

1-1386c cropped

The Grand America Hotel now occupies the space where, in 1936, you could buy food for your poultry, tires for your truck, or coal for your stove.

Source: Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs, serial 1-1386, parcel 16-06-351-020. 

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