Shovels Provided (and 2013 Utah Archives Month)

If you live in the Salt Lake County area, on September 21 you have an opportunity to improve the slopes of the Emigration Canyon road by planting trees and shrubs, providing a safer (and more beautiful) environment for everyone.

In partnership with the Emigration Canyon Community Council and Utah State University Extension, Salt Lake County identified 10 areas along Emigration Canyon Road where slopes could benefit from the addition of native trees and shrubs. The plants will improve safety by stabilizing soils, curbing erosion, and reducing debris that poses safety hazards to canyon users.

More than 1,000 native trees and shrubs were grown at the Utah State University Botanical Center in Kaysville specifically for this project. USU Extension will assist in directing these efforts and have recruited certified Master Gardeners to act as “site captains” and guide the volunteer planting efforts.

Shovels (along with breakfast and plenty of water) will be provided to those working with the trees and shrubs.  Check out this news release for additional information about the event, spearheaded by Salt Lake County’s new Office of Township Services.

In addition, October is right around the corner!  As regular readers of this blog know (and new readers are soon to find out!), October is Utah Archives Month.  Archives Month is an opportunity to promote public awareness of the value of archives across the state.  Salt Lake County Archives will be publishing four special blog entries surrounding this year’s Utah Archives Month theme, “Ecology in the Archives.”  Have no idea what that might entail?  Stay tuned.  The first entry will be published in just two weeks! (No shovel required).

Civic improvement demonstration at church in Holladay, 1922.  40 ornamental trees  and over 100 shrubs were planted.

Civic improvement demonstration at a church in Holladay, 1922.  40 ornamental trees and over 100 shrubs were planted, overseen by landscape gardener E. Hansen.

Image source: Annual Report of Extension Work: Agricultural Agent of Salt Lake County, 1922; Utah Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics; Salt Lake County Commission Correspondence. 

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