Welcome to the New County Assessor

On August 31, Salt Lake County’s Assessor of nearly two decades, Lee Gardner, retired his post.  Just last week, Chief Deputy Assessor Kevin Jacobs was elected to become the 27th County Assessor.  Mr. Jacobs has been with the County for 23 years, and will be up for reelection as Assessor in 2014, if he chooses to run.

A quick look at the funds that Mr. Jacobs would have had to work with if he had been Assessor in 1937:

Auditor Annual Report, 1937.

The man that held the office of Assessor in 1937:

photos of elected officials Assessor

Readers of this blog have seen some of Assessor Skidmore’s employees at work in previously posted Tax Appraisal Photographs, assessing residences and commercial buildings throughout the County.  Researchers have the Assessor’s office to thank for creating the Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs that give us such an amazing view in to the County’s history.

Source:  1937 Annual Report of the Salt Lake County Auditor, pp. 12, 32.

Next week on this blog: “Ecology in the Archives” exhibits throughout the month of October.  These entries will highlight ecology, culture, and the built environment in Utah’s history. Join us next week for the first exhibit! Also check out the events that other Utah archives are planning for Archives Month.

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