Giving Thanks

In June of 1937, young George Molnar was swimming at Wasatch Hot Springs in northern Salt Lake City. When he emerged from the water, all of his money (except for a rusty good luck coin) had been stolen.  He found himself stranded in Utah, 2,200 miles from his home and parents in New Jersey.

Enter Salt Lake County Commissioner W.H. Anderson, who had charge of the County’s Health, Welfare, and Charity Department.  Commissioner Anderson gave George Molnar $2.00 to help get him back home.  George promised to repay the loan, which Commissioner Anderson said was not necessary.

October 3, 1937 saw George Molnar, now home in New Jersey, sending the $2.00 back to Salt Lake County, along with a most grateful letter.  He had worked until he could raise the money, saying “I wish I was able to send something greater in appreciation for such a fine service.”

Health Welfare Charity Loan2 crop

Health Welfare Charity Loan3 crop

Commissioner Anderson, obviously astounded by the return of the money, replied: “I wish to assure you that your letter is worth many times more to me than the two dollars. I feel like there has been one kindness extended that has at least played a part in the development of a fine citizen.”

Health Welfare Charity Loan1 crop

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers!

Source: Salt Lake County Health, Welfare, and Charity Correspondence, 1920-1968. Series HE-334.

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