Mystery Photos

Here are a couple of images from our tax appraisal card collection. These structures were common along Salt Lake County railroad tracks about a century ago. The first structure was located in Riverton and the other was in Sandy. Both photos were taken in 1938.

Do you know what these structures were? (Hint: They are related to a prior blog post describing one of Utah’s major industries from the past).   

42-139 and 140


~ Entry contributed by Vincent Fazzi, Salt Lake County Archivist



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2 Responses to Mystery Photos

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Thanks for the question. All we have is the township & range which is 3S 1W Section 27 SE1/4 SW ¼. Section 27 is contained in a rough square bounded by these modern-day roads:
    1300 West, 12600 South, 2240 West & 11800 South.

  2. Langford Lloyd says:

    The first structure was evidently on the Orem Line. What was the address?

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