Palace Laundry

758 East 400 South, Palace Laundry Parcel No. 2-1857  1936

The Palace Laundry Company complex of buildings was located at 758 East 400 South in Salt Lake City and was built over the course of 50 years, starting around 1900. The Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal photograph above is from 1936 and shows the storefront. A structure from the 1930s still stands on the property which is now owned by Mountain States Bakeries.

This plan of the complex shows the various buildings and tanks behind the entrance.

758 East 400 South, Palace Laundry Parcel No. 2-1857 unknown date


~Entry contributed by Mr. Vincent Fazzi, former Salt Lake County Archivist.

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7 Responses to Palace Laundry

  1. slcoarchives says:

    You are welcome to use the image of the Palace Laundry in your family history. Please just cite Salt Lake County Archives as the source of the photograph. Thank you.

  2. Jolene Patrick says:

    Is there a possibility that I could use this picture to put in a family history. My mother and her sister worked at the Palace Laundry (I am not sure what year). I have a picture of them and other workers in front of the building and would like to add your picture with it.

  3. andrea says:

    I love these pictures

  4. slcoarchives says:

    Thanks for continuing to read the blog, and for your comments!

  5. slcoarchives says:

    Thank you, Scott! We haven’t done much outreach regarding our blog, but the MHA is an excellent suggestion. Thanks for reading!

  6. Scorpius 2 says:

    Thank You, Bringing back old memories’ good thing.

  7. Scott Kenney says:

    I love your posts! Are there really only 62 subscribers?? Have you done any outreach like getting MHA to mention it in their newsletter?

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