National Archives Month, 2014

October is National Archives Month. Throughout this month, archives and archivists raise awareness about their collections through different exhibits and events. The Salt Lake County Archives is currently working on an online exhibition that will highlight records in our collections on houses that have long since been torn down but hold keys to rich Utah history.  This exhibit is still in the works but until then we would like to honor all archivists, interns, historians, and volunteers who collect and preserve our history.

While doing research in our tax ledgers on microfilm, it was discovered that someone’s hand had been captured during the process of filming the record. Archivists strive hard to ensure they leave no marks or evidence behind that they have handled a record. However, this image serves as a reminder of the countless hours and hard work that many archivists, interns, volunteers, and others have invested to ensure that these records are available for future generations to come.  So let this nameless hand be a reminder to us all how thankful we are that our history is being looked after so well.

Hand image for Archives Month 2014 post

Salt Lake County Tax Ledgers on microfilm

~Entry contributed by Tarienne Mitchell, Salt Lake County Archivist.



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One Response to National Archives Month, 2014

  1. Scorpy2 says:

    Thanks All,yes excitement when you are an Archivist, whether camera operator huge or small.Record keeping, preservation, so much has changed way’s all done. Happy Trails, in Sunset. Scorpy

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