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del Roy Grocery

The Del Roy Grocery in 1936. Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs.

The building located at 567 East and 600 South has been serving the Salt Lake community since it was built in 1903.  It has served many purposes and gone through many changes, so much so that many have questioned whether the original building still exists today.

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Plot plan drawing of the Del Roy Grocery in 1936.

In 1936, as the Del Roy Grocery owned by Walter James, the building had a tin roof, dirt floors, and an outdoor bathroom around the right side. In 1945, Mr. James remodeled the front of the store which involved moving the door’s location to the middle.






Dell and Nellie Larsen made some improvements of their own during the years they owned the store. By the appraisal in 1955, they had two large planters flanking the door and regular flooring. At the time of the 1962 appraisal, they had added a wall which enclosed the bathroom and also added footage to the store.

Plot plan, 1962.

Plot plan, 1962.

During the 1960s, the Del Roy was converted in to an office building, during which the building’s front changed so much that it became unrecognizable. The change may have encouraged the notion that the original building had been demolished (as noted on later tax assessment cards).  However, upon learning that this was not the case, the assessor made a special effort to note that the old grocery store had in fact not been torn down but just remodeled.

Looking at the 1977 tax assessment photograph of the building (below), it is easy to see why it was mistaken for a completely different building.

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Building after remodel, 1977.

~Entry contributed by Tarienne Mitchell, Salt Lake County Archivist.  

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