The Circus (was) Coming

563 West 100 South 1936, 1-2376, built circa 1886 (2)

563 West 100 South. Image taken in October 1936.

A Cole Bros. Circus advertisement was pasted on to this building sometime between 1935 and October 1936. Clyde Beatty, famous wild animal trainer, joined the circus in 1935 and his name is featured on the poster.  The Salt Lake County tax assessor visited this building in October 1936, taking the above image (complete with pedestrian).

The Cole Bros. Circus was started by W.W. Cole in 1884, venturing out to perform in the West in the 1920s, and is still in operation today. Over the years the circus featured such performers as the Great Wallendas, the Cristiani Family bareback riders, and even Burt Lancaster performed on the trapeze. Check out more of the history of this long running circus.

This building was located at 563 West 100 South in Salt Lake City.  Built circa 1886, the front was a brick 2 story, with a single story adobe section on the back.  When the above image was taken in 1936 it was owned by Helena B. Tracy. It was torn down by 1967.


Cole Bros. Circus history webpage, accessed 04/07/2015.

Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs, 1-2376.

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