More Than Just Pickles

741 South 400 West, image taken in 1936. Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Photographs, parcel 15-12-130-016.

741 South 400 West, image taken in 1936. Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Photographs.

The Utah Pickle Company building located at 741 South 400 West is much beloved by many citizens of the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.  Most of the building was constructed in 1894 (see the plot plan below for details), and it still plays a vital role in the community.  In years past the building housed artists and hosted art events, and it is within the Granary District which is currently undergoing plans for redevelopment and neighborhood revitalization.

The image above is definitely worth enlarging and taking a closer look.  Some of the details to be seen include the rows of barrels on the loading dock, and what I am pretty certain is the word “Mustard” painted on the front (look above the chalkboard with the tax number written on it).  The company may not have been limited to producing just pickles, or it is a remnant from an earlier time.  In fact, the 1906 Salt Lake City Directory lists the “Mount Pickle Company” operating in this building, and they were manufacturers of “Pickles, Mustards, Sauces, Baked Pork and Beans, and Vinegar.”

The 1898 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map for Salt Lake City shows the “Grant Soap Company” conducting its business in this building at that time.

Who will the next occupants be?  Stay tuned for the next chapter in the story of this historical building.

Tax Appraisal Card, 1936. 1-383.

Tax Appraisal Card from 1936 showing the building dimensions and the built date for each section. Serial 1-383.

Utah Pickle Company in 1977.

Utah Pickle Company in 1977.


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Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs, Parcel 15-12-130-016; serial 1-383.  

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One Response to More Than Just Pickles

  1. Scorpy2 says:

    Cool looking car in heydays compare 1977, believe LDS President Heber J Grant, was the owner, too many year long gone. Thanks, To ALL, Scorpy

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