Archives on the News

Salt Lake County Archives made the news (in a good way) this month.  Craig Wirth, of Utah’s Channel 4 (KTVX) news, spent several hours with the staff of the Archives for his “Wirth Watching” series.  While highlighting our “Ghosts of West Temple” online exhibit, Mr. Wirth also discusses some of the thousands of other records that the Archives maintains.  Maren Slaugh, Salt Lake County Records Manager, tells the story of the Archives, while Dani Weigand, one of Salt Lake County’s IT gurus that helped us create “Ghosts,” is shown discussing the online exhibit.  This episode originally aired on KTVX earlier this month.

Check it out!

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One Response to Archives on the News

  1. kendrayates says:

    This was so great to see! I had to look at the amazing interactive Ghosts of West Temple exhibit. Well done, SL County Archives!

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