Anniversary Trivia Contest, Question Two

How much do you know about Salt Lake County History?

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Salt Lake County Records Management and Archives we are holding a trivia contest every Tuesday in May.  To enter just provide an answer in the comments section below by May 31st, and we will randomly choose a winner from the correct responses.  The winners will receive fun prizes like commemorative magnets and mugs!

Our second question is:

What year was the Salt Lake County Volunteer Fire Department organized?


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4 Responses to Anniversary Trivia Contest, Question Two

  1. Cynthia McKee says:

    1921 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    November 21, 1921

  3. Nelson Knight says:

    From what I can find the SL County Fire Department was formed on November 21, 1921, and initially consisted of volunteers. Later it became a full-time force, but I can’t locate that date. If I want to know more it looks like I can find a host of archival material including a history of the SL County Fire Department at the County Archives. Yay County Archives!

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