Anniversary Trivia Contest, Third Question


To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Salt Lake County Records Management and Archives we are holding a trivia contest every Tuesday in May.  To enter just provide an answer in the comments section below by May 31st, and we will randomly choose a winner from the correct responses.  The winners will receive fun prizes like commemorative magnets and mugs!

Our third question is:

One popular collection at the Archives is our Aerial Photographic Maps collection. What County agency did these records come from?

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5 Responses to Anniversary Trivia Contest, Third Question

  1. Glen Fairclough says:


  2. CYNTHIA MCKEE says:

    Salt Lake County Surveyors Office ; )

  3. Rachel Quist says:

    Salt Lake County Surveyor’s Office

  4. Nelson Knight says:

    Salt Lake County Planning and Development Services

  5. Elizabeth Giraud says:

    Hmmm, the Recorder’s Office?

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