Ghosts of West Temple, Continued


In celebration of Utah Archives Month, Salt Lake County Archives presents a new online exhibit, the “Ghosts of West Temple II.”

Ghosts of West Temple II expands on the first exhibit released in 2015. Continuing south along West Temple from South Temple to 200 South, this new exhibit focuses on providing a view of some of the families and businesses that once existed along this street from approximately 1850-1940s.

This area initially contained the houses of some prominent families of Utah, including Wilford Woodruff, Sarah Brackett Carter Foss, and Jesse W. Fox. Later, it became a business district, with hotels, stables, a mortuary, and automobile and furniture dealers. There was even a building that was constructed as a hot springs pool, then housed a panorama of Gettysburg, a roller skating rink, a dance hall, and finally became a drill hall for the National Guard.

Join us as we continue to explore the history of West Temple at

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