Tree of Diversity

A regular researcher at the Salt Lake County Archives and member of the West Valley Historical Society has been invited to share on this blog some of the stories that she has uncovered during her journey in to the history of her community.  Sheri Kimball Biesinger (who you will be more formally introduced to in an upcoming blog entry) created a Christmas tree for the “Tree of Diversity” exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center using images from Salt Lake County’s Tax Appraisal Cards and Photographs.

Introducing the “Remembering Granger, Utah” tree, in Sheri’s own words:

Granger, Utah Christmas tree

“Remembering Granger” Christmas tree with ornament images from Salt Lake County Archives.

West Valley City hosts an annual Tree of Diversity display at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.

This year I was able to use the wonderful pictures and information about Granger that I found at the Salt Lake County Archives to adorn one of the trees.

The Christmas tree is entitled “Remembering Granger, Utah”.  The tree has more than 300 pictures of both homes and businesses that were a familiar sight from 1865-1983. All of the pictures on the tree brought back a flood of wonderful memories for those that lived in or visited Granger, Utah during those years.

On the wall are displayed larger pictures as well as lists of businesses that served the Granger area from 1900-1983.

Most of the population of Granger didn’t think to take pictures of their favorite restaurant, barbershop, hometown department store or the local grocery store. But thanks to the Salt Lake County Assessor, pictures were taken of all commercial and residential building beginning in the 1930s.

“Remembering Granger” tree with wall exhibit.

Make sure you come and see my tree and call the Salt Lake County Archives to make an appointment so that you can find pictures and information of those much beloved buildings from your past.

Entry contributed by guest blogger Sheri Kimball Biesinger.

Happy holidays from Salt Lake County Records Management and Archives! 

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  1. L. Josephson says:

    Fantastic and inspiring!

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