Days Gone By: Remembering Scott’s Drive-In

If you ever went to Granger, Utah, you would definitely have tales of the famous Scott’s Drive-In. It was a landmark for over four decades. The building was unique and the food was wonderful. People from all over would drive to 3325 West 3500 South to Scott’s.

Image courtesy of Sheri Kimball Biesinger.

Image courtesy of Sheri Kimball Biesinger.

My favorite was the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich with a Mushroom Thing and an Orange Freeze, and they had the best red sauce!

Scott’s breaded their own fish and chips and dipped fresh onions for their famous onion rings daily. Their “Mushroom Thing” was famous.  The “KaySaDeA” was a rectangle hamburger with special red sauce on a tortilla, and it was legendary. A perfect burger would be the “Great Scott” which had 2 meat patties, bacon, cheese, onion and Scott’s famous spices.

The owners of Scott’s, Buzz & Carolyn Burt, were longtime Granger residents and community activists. Carolynn was on the West Valley City Council & elected & re-elected District 1 councilwoman in West Valley City, serving for 13 years.

Image courtesy of Sheri Kimball Biesinger.

Scott’s Drive-In.  Image courtesy of Sheri Kimball Biesinger.

The poem in Scott’s window says:
“All us who cook, and do the dishes
Should be granted these three wishes:
1. A grateful mate 2. Well kissed cheeks
3. Dinner at Scott’s at least once a week!”

Happy Valentine’s! Entry contributed by guest blogger Sheri Kimball Biesinger.  

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10 Responses to Days Gone By: Remembering Scott’s Drive-In

  1. Lora Lea Warner says:

    I do remember them. I loved they’re fish and chips. The best part about it was the tartar sauce. It was the best I’ve ever had. So if any one knows the recipe please let me know!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I knew alot of people that worked at Scotts and the milk depot next door is where my mom worked.

  3. Tawnia Allen says:

    Can anyone please share what sauce was made inside their hard shell tacos? Those were my favorite! I still crave those!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Loved Scotts, they had the best shakes and fish and chips! The very large whisk hanging on the wall always amused me 😊

  5. Jenny Burgess says:

    Love your blog posts!!!

  6. Bluka says:

    This is memory lane for me and fun to read!
    I would love to read more articles like this.

  7. Bret Farr says:

    I love the stories and photos of the community I spent my childhood in until I was married. Keep up the great work!!

  8. Amanda says:

    This was the best place in town sooo sad it’s gone.

  9. Diana Kroesser LeGuin says:

    I worked there when I was 15. I loves their scones and their get sauce for the French fries. Loved working there I lived right behind scotts! This was my first true job!

  10. Kay Carrington says:

    I Remember it well. Good write up.

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