The Judge Building

This is a quick addition to the series on former Salt Lake County Attorney Harold Wallace. He had a private office in the Judge Building so we thought we’d share a picture of it. The building itself was constructed in 1907 and was named after Mary H. Judge, a local businesswoman. The architect was David C. Dart.

Third South and Main Street. Image taken circa 1940. Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Photographs, serial 1-1966.

Source: John S. McCormick, The Historic Buildings of Downtown Salt Lake City, (Utah State Historical Society: Salt Lake City, Utah), 1982, p. 95.

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2 Responses to The Judge Building

  1. Scorpius 2 says:

    Thanks Guy’s, perhaps it was changed to Boston Building, later Years Dentist in it. Seems to me same building, as I remember & Location, west side, don’t recall it Boston Building was on East side.

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  2. Allen Roberts says:

    The Judge Building is famous for another couple of reasons. It’s the place (on the 6th floor) where Steven Christensen was killed by a pipe bomb left for him by Mormon Document forger Mark Hoffman in 1985. (See my book: Salamander: The Story of the Mormon Forgery Murders, written with Linda Sillatoe.) The cafe on the east side of the Main floor on 300 S. is where the Stockton/Malone and Sloan Jazz team used to have breakfast. Allen Roberts, Architect/Historian

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