Enter To Win!

To celebrate the new year, the Archives is having its first ever giveaway! 

To all of you readers out there, just enter your city and state (or city and country) in the comments field, and the person that lives the farthest away from Salt Lake County wins a set of 4 postcards created by Salt Lake County Archives!  These unique postcards feature historical houses, barns, and billboards from our earliest tax appraisal photographs. 

The contest closes midnight (MST) of January 19.   Stay tuned – I will announce the winner on this blog.

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12 Responses to Enter To Win!

  1. slcoarchives says:

    Hi Portland. Great to hear from you.

  2. Jamie Martin says:

    Portland, Oregon. Hi SLC!

  3. slcoarchives says:

    Hello Akron. I am happy to hear from Ohio!

  4. slcoarchives says:

    Wow – it is great to hear from someone in South America. Thank you, Duane.

  5. slcoarchives says:

    Hello, Alabama! Thanks for reading the blog.

  6. slcoarchives says:

    Hi Sharon – Thanks for entering!

  7. Michelle Bartley says:


  8. Duane T Wilcox says:

    We are here in Uruguay, South America

  9. NENETTE SEAUX says:


  10. Sharon Silengo says:

    Bismarck ND–Hi Karri!!

  11. slcoarchives says:

    Thanks, Pete! Terry says “hi.”

  12. Pete Schinkel says:

    Atlanta, GA

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