Additional Records Now Available Online!

Image from Salt Lake County Civil and Criminal Court Minute Books, 1852-1887. Series PC- 305.

New records series that are now available on our Digital Archives page include:

Salt Lake County Civil and Criminal Court Docket Books and Minute Books, 1852-1887. Series PC-304 and PC-305. Includes divorce cases. The corresponding Civil and Criminal Court Case Files will be uploaded as they are digitized.

Salt Lake County Land Claim Record Books, 1871-1894. Series PC-010. Administrative records supporting the process leading to the granting of Land Title Certificates (see below).

Salt Lake County Land Title Certificates, 1851-1895 (bulk 1870s). Series PC-001. Now searchable and viewable online through last names beginning with “R.”

Salt Lake County Planning Commission Meeting Minutes, 1944-2019. Series PD-027.

Salt Lake County Plat Maps, 1962-1963. Series RC-106. Includes some Pioneer Plat Maps, 1852-1892.

Excerpt from the George M. Cannon Plat Book, 1867. Salt Lake County Recorder. Pioneer Plat Maps, 1887-1888. Series RC-106.

Now Online!

Archives staff have been busy digitizing and creating indexes to make Salt Lake County records more accessible. We have four more record series/indexes online and available for research by anyone, anytime, anywhere in our Digital Archives!

Salt Lake County First Ledger Book, 1852-1856. Series CU-301

Salt Lake County Planning Commission Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1966-1970; 1982; 1988-2003; 2005-2006; 2008. Series PD-027.

Salt Lake County Health Department – Meningitis Record Book Index, 1929-1933. Series HE-340.

Salt Lake County Physician – Autopsy Record Book Index, 1913-1919. Series PH-301.

We are also continually adding records to the current online collections of Tax Appraisal Cards, 1970s-1991, and the Land Title Certificates, 1851-1895, which now include records for last names starting with “Re.”

New Online! Salt Lake County Commission Minutes

The Utah State Historical Records Advisory Board (USHRAB), administered by the Utah Division of Archives and Records Service, awarded Salt Lake County Archives a grant in the amount of $2,240.00 to digitize Salt Lake County Commission Minutes from 1852-1972.  We are happy to announce that the records are now digitized and are available in our online Digital Archives! Check out an earlier blog entry that describes the Commission Minutes, the grant process, and the importance of this project.

The USHRAB’s grant program is funded by a State Board Programming Grant from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) at the National Archives. The USHRAB assists public and private non-profits, as well as non-Federal government entities throughout the State of Utah in the preservation and use of historical records.

Thank you to USHRAB and the NHPRC at the National Archives for the opportunity to provide access to these records to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime.

Land Title Certificates: Update

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, we have been digitizing and uploading the Salt Lake County Land Title Certificates, 1851-1895 (bulk 1871-1873). An ongoing project, we have now made available all Land Title Certificates up through surnames starting with “P,” and are starting to upload records for surnames beginning with “R.”

The collection contains the Land Title Certificates granted to petitioners from 1871 to 1879 which finally provided federally recognized land title to the people of Salt Lake County.  Although issued in the 1870s, these records can retroactively document land possession back to the 1850s.

Please check our Digital Archives for continuing online additions to this record series!

Example of record for Abram Allen, Salt Lake County Land Title Certificates, series PC-001.

Flash Back: Salt Lake County Mountain Guard

The 1939 newspaper article above was part of an online exhibit that the Salt Lake County Archives created about the history of the Salt Lake County Mountain Guard. This 2008 exhibit focused on one little known aspect of Salt Lake County’s contribution to securing the safety of skiers at Alta ski resort. 

As the snow continues to fly here in Utah and skiers pack the mountain resorts, we wanted to highlight this important and always relevant part of Salt Lake County history once again. Everyone stay safe out there!

First Day of Spring?

To celebrate the first day of spring (March 1, “meteorological spring”), we bring you an image from 1949 of a lunch stand. The “White Spot” lunch stand was located at 3325 South 900 East.

Salt Lake County Tax Appraisal Photographs, parcel 16-29-378-002, serial 16-2728. Salt Lake County Archives.

More images of lunch stands to come, along with (hopefully) more lunch stand weather for Salt Lake County!

Now Online!

“Salt Lake County Oaths of Office, including Oaths against Polygamy and Bigamy, 1887-1895” are now browsable on our website! The oaths of office and official bonds were sworn by Salt Lake County government officials in territorial Utah, and were an oath that they were not a polygamist or bigamist (nor had they been convicted of any crime defined by an Act of Congress as “polygamy, bigamy, unlawful cohabitation, incest, adultery and fornication”) and that they will carry out the duties of their office. The name of the official’s wife, used to indicate that they had only one wife and not multiple, is also listed.

Example from “Oaths of Office, including Oaths against Polygamy and Bigamy,” series CL-367. Salt Lake County Archives.

Additional records are also available, either browsable or searchable, on our website!